Exposure 4 - Video Distribution    


Ensure that your video is seen and enjoyed in the right places.  Exposure4 can help your product connect with the correct sales and distribution channels to ensure your message reaches your target audience - and what's more - track the viewing results. Great distribution is the key to successful recognition.


Get Your Video On The Big Screens In High Traffic/Footfall Stations Or Shopping Malls

60% longer viewing time = more influence on behaviour
Full motion = TWICE as likely to be seen, increasing brand recall
Real time updates = relevant messages and link your digital campaign to social media feeds
Get in amongst the big brands = get big brand status and elevate people's perception of your brand
Over 250 locations around the UK


Exclusive Distribution with sister company MyBooking Rewards:
Reach over 50,000 agents via our in-house channels to the major network of 'active' travel agents in the UK, US, Canada, and Europe.


We can post your videos on your own YouTube channels


Your Own Video Platform:
We will load your videos onto your own branded video channel from which you can distribute to your own database of consumers at will up to an agreed bandwidth limit. Training will be offered on how to maximize your reach and views.


PR Value:
Your video distribution will have a strategy that we will agree and will reach far beyond your current youtube channel alone with measurable results. This will offer you versatility and growth potential under a single account.


Contact us to discuss where you want your video to be seen.

Email Distribution to over 50,000 travel agents

video email distribution

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