Exposure 4 - CDN Technology    


Exposure4 have been at the forefront of CDN (content delivery network) technology for many years. Our CDN technology helps you deliver video on demand easily and efficiently - with full tracking statistics. Protect your bandwidth while also retaining control of your distribution. From live streaming news to your delivery of your full video gallery - let us take the strain of video traffic so your website continues at peak performance.


Using your video to sell, increase SEO and drive business:

content delivery network

1 - Book Now:
Hyper-Link facility to a webpage or booking engine for call to action.

2 - Live Tickertape:
Special Offers On the Fly! Update as your news changes!

3 - Social Media Functions:
Increase your distribution and views on every video frame.
Exponentially increase your brand and product awareness.
Encourage viewers to share your video with their customers and friends.

4 - Themes or Groups:
Image icon and scrolling function.


Contact us to find out more about our content delivery network..

Video Emailing:

video email

Use our Media Mailer functions and send a 'video postcard' to your database of consumers and agents.

E-mail your videos and brochures to multiple clients from your database without the hassle of the heavy attachments.

Offer your clients a "Look before you Book or Buy" experience.

video groups and themes

Send ONE, a SEVERAL or GROUP of videos from your video gallery to correspond with your clients interest.

Thank every customer who visits – they will share / show off with their friends!